Travelling alone... it can be done!

Trends are changing: increasing numbers of you want to discover the world solo.
Do you have an adventurous spirit? Does travelling call out to you? Just do it!
Enjoy your trip in total freedom and at your own pace. All you have to do is set your criteria.

Pack up your "I do!" in a suitcase and head off! It's time to enjoy your marriage!

After weeks or even months preparing for the big day, now it's time for some relaxation.
Whether your thing is mountain climbing, diving into turquoise waters, visiting archaeological sites, lying on the beach, or all of these at the same time, prolong the celebrations and start your life together as you mean to go on... by having a magical time.
Not sure how to go about it? Won't worry, we're on hand to advise you!

Wedding list: Do you have an idea of your dream destination? Don't leave the decision to chance! Let's work together to plan your trip of a lifetime, and talk to your wedding guests about it well before the big day! Depending on their budget and preferences, they may want to pay for an aspect of your trip as a wedding gift: a night in a hotel, a meal, an excursion or flights perhaps...

We're here to organise the trip you really want.

Because your love grows with every passing year, a wedding anniversary - be it for a first or a fiftieth - is an occasion to celebrate your wedded bliss!
Set off on a discovery of new horizons or revisit places that have shaped your past.

Love surprises and relish a challenge?

We have a new type of offering: a trip to a mystery destination.
Preferably with the collaboration of a “co-conspirator” (to validate the destination and programme)
Up for it? The destination and programme will be unveiled, but all in good time...

Couples or parties

Couples, whether it is your first adventure, a surprise for your significant other or the chance to escape everyday drudgery... there are plenty of wonderful reasons to get away. So, where will you go next?

With friends, to share, to meet up or, more importantly, because you just want to, whether you’re a party of two or more you’ll head for the same destination together. All you have to do is choose where! After working with you to define all your requirements, we take care of the rest!

With family, it's not always straightforward to put together a multigenerational trip that will please everyone. That's why you can count on our experience to help you make the best choices. Travelling is ageless, so if sharing is the focus of your project, make sure that you all get the very best out of it. All you have to do is create some wonderful memories.


The more, the merrier! That's why we offer group trips too.
You’re regarded as a group if there are ten or more of you all wanting to go to the same place, at the same time, for the same activity (tour, transport, accommodation, guide etc.). For some activities, the minimum is 20 participants.
If you’re a group of friends, former colleagues, an association, a school group, an employee club or any other organisation and the idea of a shared trip appeals to you, then you meet the criteria. So you've come to the right place!


To strengthen team cohesion on the occasion of a post-summer break seminar what could be better than a few days' getaway? The perfect solution for getting together in a less formal setting, discussing the results achieved and the work focuses to be set and, above all, getting to know one another.

To reward your commercial teams, sales force or other colleagues when they have risen to a challenge;

As a gift for competition-winning customers;

For business trips ;

Or simply because your company employs more than 50 people and your employee club wants to help employees leverage their spending power and access affordable travel.


What we do

With the exception of your packing (although we provide some tips in this regard, too), we put together bespoke trips for all, for a discovery of the beautiful regions of France or a tour of Europe.


Don't panic! "Bespoke" doesn't have to mean "unaffordable", far from it.
It means you choose your own budget, destination(s), dates, duration, itinerary, and trip composition, whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, or with family, friends or a larger group...
Together, we define the type of transport (rail, air, boat) and accommodation (hotel, apartment, villa, holiday village etc.) that suits you best; and we go further, in the light of your preferences organising additional services such as routes, visits, half-board or just breakfast, vehicle hire, train, private taxi from the airport or standard transfer. Anything is possible, anything can be adjusted :)
We place our ideas, our knowledge, our experience and our know-how at your disposal in order to put together a unique and distinctive trip that meets your every expectation.
We guide and support you at every stage of your travel project, from the initial plan right through to your return home, whatever your budget or whatever the reason from your trip.

Is a bespoke service necessarily costly?

Bien que le terme « sur mesure » évoque souvent l’univers du luxe, nous respectons votre budget, et la qualité de notre service reste toujours la même. Nous avons à cœur de défendre l’idée du voyage personnalisé accessible pour tous.
Et chez nous, il est possible de payer en plusieurs fois !

Even though the term "tailored" often brings the world of luxury to mind, we work to your budget and our quality of service is always the same. We are committed to defending the idea of the affordable tailored trip.
And with us, you can pay by instalments!

Why choose a bespoke trip with us?

  • Because you are unique and you dream of a personalised trip designed specifically with you in mind;
  • Because travelling, exploring and learning hold a fascination for you, whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a beginner.
  • Because you’re looking for a service and offerings that really live up to your expectations ;
  • Because you make the decisions, nothing is set in stone;
  • Because you’re not a number. You have a single contact person at your disposal throughout your project, available 24/7 during your trip;
  • Because your satisfaction is our absolute priority.

Let's talk about your plan, whenever and however you wish.

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Together, let's plan the trip that's right for you! More than a destination, we offer you an experience that fully measures up to your expectations.

Our mission: to listen to your needs... and meet them!