About us

Cyrille CAFARO and Emilie EZAN, two Bretons by adoption!

To cut a long story short, it was in 2011 that I created the Le Tour d'y Voir travel agency in Rennes.

With a Masters Degree in Applied Languages (English and Spanish) and a University Diploma in Tourism Product Design behind me - in addition to my 10 years of professional experience designing group journeys - I decided 2011 was the time to embark on this new venture.

My dream at the time was to create a caring business of human scope, its aim to shake up convention a little by offering bespoke trips, for all, enabling everyone to become a traveller in the true sense.

Enthusiastic about shaping trips to individual expectations, I also wanted to demonstrate - contrary to received opinion - that bespoke travel is not the reserve of a wealthy clientele.
And so Le Tour d'y Voir saw the light of day. Suggesting “opening your eyes to the world”, its name is a play on words for the term "the ivory tower" coined by the poet Charles-Augustin Sainte-Beuve to describe Alfred de Vigny's retreat from the concerns of his everyday life in order to recoup and submit to reverie.

In 2016, I was joined by Émilie, a graduate in Art History and Organisational Management (specialising in sustainable tourism) who was drawn to the concept. She also brought extensive professional experience, including six months in Laos working for a local destination management agency.

We are journey facilitators!

We invite you on journeys of discovery to premier tourist destinations, including monuments and natural sites, to explore each locale by meeting its people, discovering its terroir, its crafts and so much more besides.

Because offering travel services imposes numerous legal obligations, we offer every guarantee so that you can set off with confidence.

  • Professional risk liability means that we are liable for the services we provide within the context of organising your trip;
  • The Financial Guarantee is your assurance that your trip will go as planned in the event of financial failure;
  • Registration with the French tourism development agency, Atout France (www.atout-france.fr), certifies that we are in perfect compliance with all legislation.

Cyrille CAFARO